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Lizzie's Library

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Lizzie's Library is a charming little stop motion series for children with a distinctly Australian flavour. Set in the outback Queensland town of Long Flat it follows the adventures of Lizzie the mobile librarian and her indigenous cohort Munro.

The amazing Noni Hazelhurst did a smashing job of doing all the character voices (often in one take). I loved designing the characters and scenery for this show, the artists Tony Leitch and Jay Manby made great sets and models. The best animation was from Justin Wylie and Liz Norman knocked up most of the props. We had a horrendous schedule and a crew of only us three but we did it anyway (look how many people work on Postman Pat for example).
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ABCtv & Henderson Bowman Productions
26 x 5min. episodes 1994-95

Lizzie's broadcast in 35 countries during the mid to late 90s and was released as a 3 VHS tape series by ABC Enterprises and Beyond Entertainment. I have never seen a DVD release. Hopefully will resurface as a broadcast on ABC3.


Munro the Navigator - 5min: Lizzy, Munro and Jasmin get lost in the outback because the roadsign is down.
Munro uses his traditional stories to guide them back to Long Flat.